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Commissioning Individual Illustrations

 Booking Gig type events


If you feel like my art matches your needs, then I believe we can help each other out. I love drawing, and you need someone with spunk and seriously silly drawings to bring Artistic fun to everyone.

For events and gigs like Birthdays, Holiday parties I charge an Hourly rate per hour. all around the Texas Area and further out depending on travel fees to cover gas and snacks.

Traditional Marker and paper caricatures -$100/hour

Digital printed caricatures-$200/hour


Commissions range from Illustrations/character design, Caricatures, Black and white to color and whether or not bodies are involved, check it out


Caricatures are my main passion. Drawing cute and ugly sketches of people all around the world.

Black and white - $15 per person

Full color - $20 per person

Bodies, gags, themes, etc. - Additional $5


This is a bit of sketching and doodles I draw between caricatures. I could say this is my comic book style, Illustrative-ish

Linework (b&w) - $10 per person

Colored Illustration - $15 per person

Themes - $6 additional

There are also prints available of my digital work, and stay in touch on Instagram to see when I will be giving art away!

You can send me an email right down here or contact me through any of my social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram.

Or straight up call me about an opportunity to draw anything.


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